Caring For Your Jade

How to Clean your Jade

Unlike other pieces of jewellery , cleaning your jade will be a very simple task. All you need is mild soap, lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Mix together small amount of mild soap and lukewarm water just enough to produce suds. Remove residues with cloth and make sure to rinse thoroughly with the same temperature water after. Dry with soft cloth. Never use jewellery cleaning products as it may harm your jade. For hard to reach spaces on your jade item, you may use soft bristled brushes. Scrub lightly and in circular motion to prevent scratches. To polish, you may dab your soft cloth in canola oil, let it sit for 5 mins and wipe off with clean cloth.

Protecting your Jade

Avoid using chemical cleaning products and other alcohol based solutions on your jade. Swimming pools and hot tubs contain chlorine which causes jade to become porous and prone to breakage. Although known to be a tough stone, keeping jade with other metal jewellery may cause scratches on it’s surface. Therefore it is best to keep them individually wrapped in soft cloth or a cloth lined box.